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Thursday, June 09, 2005


Norm Geras relates a conversation with Christopher Hitchens, wherein Hitchens describes his outlook on something (religious belief, as it happens, not that it matters) as "Freudian as well as Marxist".

Not merely Freudian, but also Marxist? What's left, phrenology? How about Scientology, Chris? Can you fit that in there too?

I told you Hitchens was a clown. I told you, and I told you.

Geras doesn't seem to get that. It's weird to read Geras. He's such an agreeable, levelheaded, sensible person, until he gets onto that socialism thing and turns into an agreeable levelheaded lunatic. I can't not like him, but sometimes I really have to wonder what he's thinking.

UPDATE 6/15/2005: Maybe Hitchens is joking?

UPDATE 6/15/2005 #2: Who cares?