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Thursday, August 18, 2005

DDOSBlogging: A lousy idea

I bow to few in my admiration for Kim du Toit, but he's wrong to put people's phone numbers in a blog post.

It's wrong when "their side" does it, and it's wrong when "our side" does it. It's harassment. He writes "Be polite if you call these bureaucratic dickheads", but as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, many of them won't be. You can't wash your hands of that by tossing in a pro-forma disclaimer when you know damn well some belligerent boneheads will ignore it. It seems more reasonable to post an email address; text on a screen isn't the same as a live irate blog-reader yelling into the phone. And don't forget that those irate callers won't be yelling at the bozo in charge. No, they'll be yelling at somebody with who's paid eight bucks an hour to answer phones. That person may not like the bozo in charge any better than you do, and certainly didn't make the decision you're angry about.

Not to mention that it's probably harder to DDOS a mail server than a phone switchboard, too. There's no reason to make ACC's admissions department unavailable to the students they're not screwing (if any).

Tactics like this may work. They may influence what these clowns do. But it's just plain wrong, not to mention that it makes your side look ugly.