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Monday, September 12, 2005

Don't bother signing in.

The first sentence is the joke and the punchline. See how many misconceptions (and for all I know, conscious lies) you can count in those twenty-seven little words.

Go, Krugman, go!

I used to make a hobby of writing parodies of paranoid political extremist nonsense. This guy is a real craftsman. Unless he's serious. Then he'd be pathetic.

P.S. Lefties really love the word "contempt" these days, don't they? But usually it's their own contempt (or that of Our Betters™ in Europe) for the rest of the human race, not George's contempt for anybody. But hey, what the heck, when the deadline looms, you've use whatever words you can remember. Krugman's paid to be pissed off, not to make sense.