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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Jimmy Carter: Liar, Imbecile, Swine

This is nauseating.

It's not often that I feel real personal hatred for lefties, but I do right now. In the LA Times, our former Bootlicker in Chief, champion snivelling bellycrawler of the great state of Georgia, devoted fellator of every military dictator on Earth, claims that for the last 230 years, the core principles of the United States have included: Massive foreign aid; a supine unwillingness to do anything without "international" approval; doctrinaire green-party environmentalism; obsessive erasure of all traces of religion from public life; and whatever else Eurolefties are peddling this week. He's either insane, or even more shameless than I'd thought: and state have become increasingly intertwined in ways previously thought unimaginable.

I simply don't believe that he doesn't know he's lying. It is beyond imagining that anybody could be that stupid. He's an old man; he was an adult already in a time when the US government was far more infested with Christianity than any of us youngsters can really comprehend now.

He also babbles insanely about our historic committment to "economic and social justice". No, Jimmy. Wrong, Jimmy. We are not "committed" to "economic and social justice", and whatever minimal interest we have in that nonsense is recent. That's why everybody calls us a capitalist country, Jimmy.

In general, this repulsive whining little toad has picked up one of the most insane lies the left likes to tell these days: That their lunatic flavor-of-the-instant schemes are all Traditional American Values, and all this self-reliance/give-me-liberty-or-give-me-death stuff is just a sort of weird, temporary abberation that sort of sprung into being some time around 1994. Have any of these dingbats ever glanced at the Constitution, or read anything any of our founders wrote?

Jesus wept! That creep would steal opium suppositories out of his grandmother's butt.