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Friday, June 23, 2006

Patriotism Questioned

A typically savage Nazi-style Rovlerburtonlerian attack on dissenters:

Outlining an alleged plot to bomb the Sears Tower in Chicago and a federal building in Miami, Gonzales told a Justice Department news conference: "They were persons who for whatever reason came to view their home country as the enemy."

This is terrorism, plain and simple. There is no other word for it. To question the patriotism of an American citizen is terrorism. It is utterly beyond the bounds of reasonable discourse. It is also un-American. Gonzales, objectively an anti-American terrorist, has a lot of nerve calling hismelf a patriot, as he implicitly does. Any fool can see that he is not. Naturally, he maintains plausible deniability by not actually mentioning patriotism, but that is what his code phrases mean, and we all know it.

In fact, viewing your home country as the enemy is the highest form of dissent, and therefore the highest form of patriotism, as Patrick Henry so famously observed so many years ago. Gonzales is attempting to peddle the radical right-wing fringe extremist rightwingwingnuttianwing extremist fringe-radical Sharonist-Likudist neoconlerburtonposition that only those mindless sheeple who slavishly neglect to blow up their fellow citizens can qualify as patriots. But the great American public would see through these pathetic, laughable lies, if only they hadn't been brainwashed to agree with the frighteningly extreme views of the neocons.

But how can we reach them?

Perhaps we can shock them into seeing the reasonableness of our position by calling them brainwashed sheeple anti-American asshole terrorists. It's worth a try.