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Friday, June 10, 2005

You're Very Welcome, Australia

Courtesy of LGF, Paul Edwards at Anti-Subjugator very kindly thanks the US for all the fine things we've done in the brief moments when we weren't, as the lefties so incessently howl at us, being the sole cause of all evil and misfortune in the universe. Quoth Paul:

...most of the rest of the world maintains grudges for centuries... If only people would adopt the American way, the world would be so much better.

No, no, no, you poor literal-minded colonial! They're not maintaining grudges, they're "aware of history", unlike us stupid Yanks! See, all that time they spend hating and killing each other makes them more sophisticated than us. And nuanced. Honestly, when you consider the rich culture of the Balkans, don't you feel sorry for us poor dumb clueless Yanks?

But it's different when we remember stuff like how we helped Europe in the two world wars and so on. Then we're just dwelling on old nonsense, of no contemporary relevance to anybody. Just remember, kids: The bad things we did in the 1870s are vitally important recent history, while the good things we did in the 1940s happened so long ago that no reasonable person could possibly care.

But anyway. Thank you, Paul Edwards, and thank you, Australia.