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Tuesday, September 13, 2005


From The American Enterprise, which seems to be a publication of the sublimely non-partisan1 American Enterprise Institute, a factoid of epic proportions:

An analysis of recent census numbers indicates that white immigrants to New York (the vast majority of whom are from Europe) represent the largest number of contributors to the net growth of educated young people in the city. Without the disproportionate contributions of these young Europeans, New York would actually have suffered a net outflow of educated people under 35 during the late 1990s.

NYC is a very silly place. Stands to reason nobody but Europeans wants to live there. When the novelty wears off, they'll bail, too. I grew weary of the dump years ago. Imagine being surrounded by New Yorkers 24/7; in Indiana, that only happens if you violate too many commandments, and even then only after you're dead.

Yeah, well, it's probably just that it's so freakishly expensive to live there, is all. Like Yogi Berra said: Nobody wants to live there any more; demand has driven the price out of reach.


1 As very great American used to say, "that's a joke, son". While we're on the subject, Google's translator gives you a "printable version" link, when what I usually want is an unprintable version. They call this "not being evil"?