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Monday, October 03, 2005


So, the PRC says it's "undemocratic" for ICANN to be controlled by a democracy, rather than by a committee of dictatorships. The EU, naturally, can't see anything wrong with that logic.

Let's not go into the fact that if the EU is a girl who can't say "no". What's really creepy about this nonsense is that we built it, we kept it free enough to become enormously valuable to everybody, and now the shitty little dictatorships of the world are saying they've got a right to grab it and destroy it, because it's worth so much to them. Because we have given them so much by letting them play in our sandbox, these dismal parasites demand sole ownership and control of it. Once they become dependent on your generosity, they decide that you're a "resource" and they own you. Reads like an Ayn Rand situation, doesn't it? But it's real, it's happening. I don't think much of Rand as a novelist or a philosopher, but as a social critic she really hits the nail once in a while.

Horse hockey. It's ours. You're more than welcome to keep playing there; that way we all win. But we are not going to hand it over and let you destroy it.