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Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Back from vacation.

I don't waste much time watching TV news; not having a TV helps. But I happened to be subjected to an hour or so of it last night. Some yap about "anti-war" "protesters", of course, but not a word about this "pro-troops protest" covered on Instapundit. To be fair, it's not clear whether the "Washington" in question is DC, or somewhere north of Oregon; judging from the scenery in the photos it could very well be the latter.

In other TV-news news, some wretched news show had a pro-war lady saying that we should support the Commander in Chief because... well, she just seemed to think it was pretty important that he was the Commander in Chief, or something. The host also claimed that in polls, 63% of Americans now favor immediate withdrawal from Iraq, which bears astoundingly little resemblance to poll numbers I heard last week. So I was really rolling my eyes over all this crap, and then their counterpoint to the pro-war lady came on. They didn't get Cindy Sheenan, of course, because Sheehan has those little "episodes" on camera. They don't need some werewolf yodelling about "occupied New Orleans". They did, however, find another lady who was a Gold Star Mother, or who claimed to speak for them, or something, but who was stable (or medicated; she looked a bit Berkeley to me) enough to stay on message. And you know what she had to say? Pretty much what the first lady had to say: Feelings. Fluff. No facts, no logic, no nothing, just fluff. And then they switched to some jackass with tenure and a beard who sat in front of a backdrop of the Esplanade in Boston (yay!) and rambled aimlessly about Vietnam.

Kill. Your. Television. I'm serious. That garbage would insult the intelligence of a goddamn coelenterate.

I did, however, catch an episode of a comedy program called Seinfeld, and it was very funny. They tell me it's been around for years. Go figure.