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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Missing the point

Power Line doesn't get it:

Sweet advises, "For the record, Durbin never accused the military of the mistreatment at Guantanamo. Durbin said he did not know who to blame: the military, CIA or private contractors." For the record, Lynn, the detention operation at Guantanamo is a military operation. The imputation of atrocities or torture to the operation bears rather closely on the discharge of their duty.

Both Dick Durbin and Linda Foley have largely succeeded in changing the subject. They doggedly pretend that the problem is that they gave offense, that the problem with their remarks is that they accused the wrong people, or that they used the wrong words in doing it, or whatever. They keep hammering on that point, but it's perfectly irrelevant.

The problem isn't that they offended anybody; they problem is that they lied. The issue isn't whether it was the CIA or the Marine Corps that killed 10.5 million Jews, communists, homosexuals, and gypsies at Guantanamo Bay. The issue is that nobody killed anybody there.

Of course lefties lie about tiny irrelevancies as compulsively as they lie about the big things that matter, but you can't let them muddy the waters that way. We've just been told that 14% of Americans believe that listening to lousy music is identical to being worked to death at Auschwitz, if the CD player is operated by somebody in an American uniform. Think about that. One out of every seven of Americans polled believe a lie so hilariously insane it'd almost make a lefty blush. People on our side have been saying that's a low number, but in fact it's alarmingly high. One out of seven Americans have taken leave of their senses. The hard left is growing, and that's not good: Imagine if 14% of Americans agreed with the Ku Klux Klan.