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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Cuban defectors

It seems that 49 members of a Cuban dance troupe defected to the US — but two of them (*cough*political minders*cough*) went back to Cuba! Which, if I were a lefty, would be clear proof that Cuba really is a paradise and it's really sad and dishonest of those rotten right-wing tools to concentrate on the minority of bad apples who were, after all, only a mere 96% of the dance troupe after all, anyway, and I mean, hey, it's not all of them, right? I mean, if anybody would choose to return there, it must be a nice place!

Like that character in Australia who thinks Douglas Wood was "well treated" because after the goons abducted him, and while they were keeping him tied and blindfolded and executing other hostages in the room, they fed him... every day! Think of it: Every single day! What kind of a churlish freak would demand more than that out of life?

UPDATE 7/28/05: 49 is not 98% of 51; it's in the neighborhood of 96.078431372549019607843137254902%. So I fixed it.