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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Pro Forma Platitude Parade

I have, let's see, how many readers? Somewhere in the low single-digit range, it seems: In fact, it would be dishonorable to count myself, so a reasonable approximation would be "on the close order of zero". In round numbers of course.

Nevertheless, I'll chime in with LGF, Instapundit, and The Corner (among others): A ban on flag burning is a rotten idea. The First Amendment as written suits me just fine. Another Conservative Blogger Supports Legalized Flag-Burning™. Or "me, too!" as they used to say on USENET back in the Upper Devonian (poor in trilobites, but rich in platitudes; isn't that enough?).

You can't go around outlawing expression of moronic ideas, because who defines "moronic"? The government does. Do you trust them? Even if you trust the guy who has the job today, are you willing to commit your grandchildren to trusting his successor in fifty years? Me neither. This principle applies all over: Do we not need guns to defend ourselves against the government this week? Maybe not, but what about next week? A century from now? You are aware that things change in this world, right?