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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The 9/11 Memorial

It's not a sign of "national self-confidence" when a nation spends tax dollars telling itelf how rotten it (allegedly) is. Self-confident nations — like this one, for example, in its misspent youth, and most of it even now — are too exhilarated by their strengths to sit around all day brooding about imagined inadequacies, and blowing their flaws wildly out of proportion. They've got better things to do. People are the same: Healthy young people look to the future. It's the neurotics and old people who mope about the mistakes they made and the chances they missed. They've got nothing better to do. The same goes for Europe, and for old hippies with tenure.

Let Europe and the bitter, frustrated old hippies mope around all they like, but no civilized person should be made to watch, much less pay for it. Let them crawl away to die someplace where they won't block the sidewalk.

There's life in this republic yet. If it were as nearly dead as the fools who want to turn the memorial into a why-we-hate-us extravaganza, don't you think the said fools would have welcomed public input, instead of avoiding it at all costs?

Americans are damned self-confident (that's supposed to be Why They Hate Us, remember?). That's precisely why we don't care to sit still for this crap. This is just the left resorting to playground taunts, as they so often do: How many times have you heard lefties claim that anybody who disagrees with them is a wussy boy, of one kind or another?