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Monday, September 19, 2005

See you in eight years and four months, Dennis

Superstar crook Dennis Kozlowski has been sentenced to twenty-five years in prison. He'll be eligible for parole in eight years, four months.

Glad to hear it.

UPDATE 9/19/2005: Maybe he should try it in Canada next time.

UPDATE 9/20/2005: Roughly speaking, Prof. Bainbridge thinks the Kozlowski case is arguably a matter of stupid, rather than criminal, business decisions. My understanding has been that Kozlowski was engaged in what amounted to embezzlement, which isn't often considered a legitimate business practice on this planet. However, I'm not familiar with precisely what exact offenses he was charged with (that'd be why I'm hedging so frantically here), and Bainbridge is the law professor, not me. But if Bainbridge gave a few more specifics I'd be more sure what he was getting at.

Of course, there are some shambling knuckleheads who want Kozlowski in prison simply because he had a job. Or maybe they suspect him of bathing? There's not much you can say about people like that.